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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poetry Time!

First of All, thanks to all those who attended our Kick Off meeting. All two of you.

So while the meeting wasn't as successful as we thought (hoped) it would be, we still had an awesome time, because both of those people are awesome. And if you guys who didn't show (for whatever reason) are still interested, you can email us at furrowmag@gmail.com for information on what went down. That's also the place where you can submit your stuff, which you out there in internet land should defiantly do.

Now for our Poem this week, submitted to us by none other then the irrepressible Brian J. Barnes from UW Milwaukee, entitled, "To a Dark Knight" Enjoy!


"To A Dark Knight" by Brian J. Barnes

Blue and grey

Black and white

Rubber and Kevlar

A pre-toddler memory.

Uncle Sam

The Planters’ Peanut Man

Uncle Don

And you.

The faces of my youth.

As I grew

your smile disappeared.

Your blues turned to grey.

Your grey to black.

No longer funny

no less fun.

You weren’t like the others

Nothing special,


It was your heart

That was your power

Your forever broken heart.



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