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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Furrow is embarking on it's very first annual Write-A-Thon on Thursday, February 9th from 12 - 4pm.

Now you may be wondering, what the f**k is a "Write-A-Thon?" Well, like the name would suggest, it is akin to a marathon, but instead of mara-ing, you're writing. We have 45 15-minute slots available to sign up in, though of course you're allowed to participate for longer if you so desire.

There are two ways to play, as it were. You can get friends and family to sponsor you depending on how many words you write in those 15-X minutes, or you can just write and accept challenges from the general public. Jane and John Q. Passersbye can stop by our booth, attracted by our baked goods, and purchase a challenge from one of our volunteer writers, which can be anything from "write a poem about ponies" to "write me a fanfic about two of my favorite characters shacking up." Obviously, the latter would be more expensive, and can be emailed or otherwise sent to the purchaser at the writer's convenience.

Those are the guidelines, and otherwise will be played by ear. Did I mention there will be cookies for sale? Lots and lots of cookies.

So shoot us an email at furrowmag@gmail.com if you want to participate or are curious in anyway. Remember: It's for a good cause.


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